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Hello love, my invincible friend
Hello love, the thistle and the burr
Hello love, for you I have so many words that I,
I forget where we were

He’s so talented

Moments like this when I feel under the weather, are moments when a significant other would come in handy.

Sistas, how y’all feel?

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Brothas y’all alright?

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"I Forget Where We Were"- Ben Howard

This man has been singing soundtrack songs for me for years. Painting the sunsets on the sands of Mexico. Singing me to sleep by the trees in New England. Rainy Oregon evenings with squeaky windshield wipers and foggy windows. I can’t think of another artist who has been such a consistent source of beautiful accompaniment to life’s twists and turns. Looking forward to a new album with new memories to be made. 


hello love, my invincible friend.

Looking forward to this album so much.

Oh my goodness
I feel like 12.5 bricks have been thrown at my head

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Ben Howard - End Of the Affair (audio)


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who is thisssss! hi little chubby handsome man

Ima be soooo excited when I decide to have kids


Whoever ends up with me is one lucky mofo

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